Main Services

+Onsite Measuring
We can come to site and take all the necessary measurements, patterns can be made, any sweeps or curves will be taken into consideration when manufacturing takes place.
+Onsite Welding
We have for onsite welding a 110 volt welder to be run from mains electricity, or if needed for onsite welding our generator welder can be used.
We can offer in store repairs or onsite repairs, in aluminium, stainless steel or steel.
We have a multitude of fixings available, for example gate hinges, gate latches, sliding bolts, thunder bolts, granite fixings.
+Plasma Cutters & Oxy-acetylene Cutting Facilities
Our plasma cutters & oxy-acetylene can be used to cut various materials in store, as well as oxy-acetylene cutting facilities that can be used for cutting big or bulky items onsite.
+Gas Forging & Forging Tools
For any bespoke items we can use our forging facilities to create the pattern needed.
+Mig Welders & Converter Welders
We have mig welders for the facility of welding steel and aluminium, we have 240 & 110 volt converter welders for welding steel or stainless steel.
+Metal Rolling Machine
We have a manual pipe rolling machine and a hydraulic rolling machine that can shape items such as pipe, half round or bar, we also have a plate rolling machine that can shape aluminium, steel and stainless steel .
  • Gas Forging

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    Onsite Repairs

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    Oxy-acetylene Cutting Onsite